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No xeldz windows 7

Автор: | 16.12.2019


I rebooted my computer and it will no longer start it just says:

No xeldz
No xeldz

BIOS: Drive 0x0, H=1, S=18

Cannot find xeldz in all drives. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.I CANT:Boot to safe mode or use any of the typical windows repair methods I tryed booting off of my windows 7 disk and using repair, but it said version mismatch which makes no sense.

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Cant Find Any Disk Drives?

have used ATI for a long time with no problems on various machines, including my Windows 7 Ultimate, x86 computer. this machine has a WD black caviar sata lll 500gig hdd, but is connected on sata ll (mobo doesn’t support sata lll). have just got a new machine which is running windows 7 ultimate x64. it has the same hdd as the machine mentioned above, but is connected as sata lll on the mobo. ATI told me that it couldn’t find any disk drives, so i couldn’t back up the hdd. i discovered that WD put out their own version of ATI, so i downloaded it, installed it and made a recovery cd. this gives me the same error that it cant find any disk drives so i still cant back up the hdd. didn’t see why but thought it may be the o/c settings, i reverted back to stock but no difference. windows backup works, but produces a hell of a big file compared to ATI.

Is There A Way To Find Drives Bitlocked

I tried using HP BIOS Flashing utility on my HP Z400 Workstation, and it says it can’t continue because I have Bitlocker enabled, but I don’t have bitlocker on Win 7 Professional 32bit. I don’t see it on the control panel or in context menus. I do see it set to manual in "Services" but the service in not running. Is there a way to find drives Bitlocked or are my drives being treated as bitlocked because of my antivirus program AVG?

Can’t Find Drives During Installation — Bootmgr Is Missing

I purchased a vizio all in one desktop model CA24-A2 , with windows 7 installed. I upgraded it to windows 8, but decided to return back to windows 7 because the Metro UI always crashes on me. I purchased a windows 7 disc and booted the computer off the disc. When the installation asks which drive to install it to, nothing appears. For some reason, the installation disc is not reading the drives. I’ve checked vizio’s page, but didn’t find any drivers for the hard drive that would work. I check the Bios menu and both drives appear. I’ve read on other forum about changing the bios mode (AHCI,IDE), but my bios menu is very restricted, and i dont have that option available. I used MiniTool Partition wizard on a bootable cd, and it was able to see my hard drives as well. I added some pictures below. When i try to boot windows with windows 8, "bootmgr is missing" error appears. After restarting my computer several times it seems i only have access to the bios menu f2, and not f8 for recovery.

Windows 7 And Bios Can’t Find Drives, Even While PC Running

So my system (updated specs in my profile) has been running perfectly since first built in January.Saturday, a Steam update came out. Ever since then, I have had major problems. It starts with the entire system totally freezing and occasionally BSOD.If I reset (hardware reset button), then bios can’t find any of my hard drives (two different SATA channels), but it can usually find the DVD (also SATA). Sometimes it will hang on the drive part of boot up. (ACHI mode is enabled.)If I do a cold boot (hardware off, wait 15 seconds, then on), then it boots and runs fine. for about an hour, maybe two. then the above happens again. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, games, surfing, or not even at my computer. I did notice that the drives were running much slower than normal, so I updated the Intel Response Time thing (whatever you call it). That greatly improved drive response and boot time. But it did not cure the crashes.Other than verifying all the case wires were firmly connected, I haven’t had time to do anything else.I can’t imagine how a software update (Steam) could frack up my bios or my mb, but that is the only thing that has changed between running perfectly to totally unstable.

I’m planning to uninstall steam and reinstall.I’m not confident that will help if the update has caused another problem.I don’t know if it’s Windows 7, Steam, hardware, or a bios issue.

Set Up Did Not Find Any Hard Disk Drives During Installation?

Set up did not find any hard disk drives during installation?

Can’t Find 2nd Internal Drive Listed Under Hard Disk Drives

I am running windows 7 home 64 bit (build 7600). I have a gateway fx7026. It has two internal hard drives. When I look under device manager they are both listed and they are both listed under the bios menu. When I look in my computer though under hard disk drives it only shows the one that I have the OS on. When I had Vista it showed both of them. Is this something I should be worried about. The drives are listed as WDC WD3200AAJS-22B4A0 DRIVE 1 and WDC WD3200AAJS-22B4A0 DRIVE 0.

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Can’t Find Drives On Installing Windows 7 & Hard Disk Test Failed?

I have a HP Probook 4530swith Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. When I turn on the PC the windows does’nt start and give a option of starting windows manually, which does’nt work, and repair windows. Repairing windows with windows 7I then decided to reinstall windows 7, but while installing, on the select disk page, it shows a error saying no drives found.I then performed a Hard Disk Test which resulted in failure saying:Failure ID : UC7WX0-5NB67S-XD6V5G-60TF03

Internal Drives Showing Up As External Drives?

I just finished putting together my computer, installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bits. However, both of my hard drives (one SSD, one regular HDD) are showing up as external drives (plug-and-play). If I click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, I could actually "eject" both of my hard drives.

How To Find Find Locker Made Invisible Using Folder Protect

1.I had created a locker on my desktop using "Folder Lock" software.
2.Subsequently I made the locker invisible using "Folder Protect" software.
3.When I was trying to add more files to the locker created in 1 the locker tried to "increase it’s size on the run".
4.This process failed and "Folder Lock" shut down and since then I cannot locate the locker anymore on my PC nor can I see it in "Folder Protect"
5.Having read on a forum, I uninstalled "Folder Protect" and reinstalled. but that did not help..I still could not find the Locker.
6.I even uninstalled and reinstalled "Folder Lock". even this did not help
7.I understand the lockers created by "Folder Lock" are UNDELETABLE.
8.Clearly my locker is somewhere on my hard disk but I am unable to locate it.

Non-System Drives Show Up As System Drives For Backup?

am trying to do a backup of my Win 7 system drive (C, but the backup utility is saying that it must backup by non-system drives (E: and H, which happen to have "System Volume Information" folders on them. They are not system drives. E: is my main utilities drive and H: is my games drive.Somehow, Windows thinks they are system drives, when in reality they aren’t.Any ideas on how to change them? When I go in to Disk Management, they are not showing as system drives. They are all partitions on the same hard drive, but there are other partitions not included in the backup.

Cant Use DVD & CD Rom Drives?

I recently had Windows 7 installed and now I can not use the DVD or CD drives. I have checked and the drives are installed and ok. I am using 32 bit. Also, I have NOD32 and Ariva anti virus plus Malware.

Where Are My IDE Drives ?

I have installed windows 7 on a sata drive. I also have 2 IDE drives connected to the motherboard but I cant find either with Windows 7. There are no operating system on these drives just backed up files. When I disconnect the windowes 7 drive and reconnect my old drive with XP running on it, both the IDE drives are visible and working normally.

I have tried clicking refresh on the devise manager but the drives are not found. My floppy drive and dvd drive are visble and working properly. Anyone any ideas?

No Drives Were Found?

No drives were found.click Load Drivers to provide a MASS STORAGE DRIVER FOR INSTALLATION.Ok im helping a friend with their computer but have run into a brick wall where can i find a mass storage driver for a hp pavilion dv6-2150us Serial:cnfo146518Product: wa779ua#abarying to install windows 7 home premium 32bitut i get the following during setup No drives were found.click Load Drivers to provide a MASS STORAGE DRIVER FOR INSTALLATION

No USB Flash Drives?

in 7 doesn’t see any USB flash drives. Check in disk management — not showing up there either.AND. If I switch HDDs & revert to XP — same thing. No usb flash drives appear. And in control panel > disk management they do not appear as unassigned also.

Can’t Write To USB Drives

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version:
Processor Count:
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives:
Antivirus: None

I have developed a problem where, when I use a SD-Card, Memory Stick or an external Hard Drive (USB connection) to my Computer running Windows 7, I am unable to add any files to either as I am told that the items are Right Protected. In the past I did not have this problem. I also have a similar problem when I try to run some other programs.

Drives Not Recognized As Cd-rw?

all of a sudden my 2 cd-rw drives are recognized as cd-rom.

no new programs have been installed. i have win 7, 64 bit

Autorun On USB Drives

It appears that Microsoft has disabled the Autorun feature for USB devices in Windows 7. If you create an appropriate Autorun.inf file on your USB drive, Vista (and XP?) will happily run the program it points to when you plug the device in, but in Windows 7 that is no longer the case. I’ve read a few news articles explaining that this is by design, out of security concerns.

While I understand and even agree with the reasoning, I was wondering whether there was a way (perhaps in the Group Policy editor, or some Registry hack) to override or bypass this?

I have just created a nice autorun feature to enable me to mount a TrueCrypt-encrypted container on my USB stick, but that no longer works in Windows 7. (Can’t use BitLocker as I still need uncrypted access to the root of the drive in order for BitLocker to allow Windows 7 to start on my fully encrypted C:-drive).

Win 7 To Be Sold On USB Drives

Quote: A new rumor has sprung up that suggests Microsoft is looking at a third alternative for sending out copies of Windows 7: USB drives. There are currently two known ways to move to Windows 7 without buying a new computer: via retail or via download.

The third solution would make it easy for users with netbooks without DVD drives, most of which are running Windows XP (as opposed to Vista), to upgrade to Windows 7.

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Of course, installation from USB is much faster than from DVD, so such an option could end up being adopted by a larger demographic. USB drives are still more expensive than DVDs to mass manufacture, however, so I doubt Microsoft would be happy with that.

CNET quotes an undisclosed source in its speculative report: "Microsoft is considering offering Windows 7 on a thumb drive to allow netbook owners to more easily upgrade their machines." Microsoft confirmed in February that all editions of Windows 7 would run on netbooks but never disclosed how those who already own the low-end computers could get the operating system on their system.

The currently only known solution, downloading a copy and putting the installation on a USB drive, isn’t a process many netbook users would be happy to do. If the USB drive option is skipped, most will likely have a friend or a tech support guy get the job done for them.

On another note, could this rumor somehow be related to StartKey, a Microsoft technology that was supposed to allow users to store entire Windows profiles and all their data on portable flash drives? Many criticized it in March 2008 but Microsoft has yet to acknowledge it, assuming it hasn’t already been scrapped.

How To Merge Two Drives

I’m using the dell inspiron 1545 with Windows 7 64-bit(C. I also have ubuntu installed in D:.

How To Merge Two Drives

I have purchased a Sony Vaio laptop day before yesterday.I forgot to get the drive partitioned at the store and so decided to to it myself and i made a blunder.I wanted to allocate 60GB to C Drive and rest to the new Drive, but i allocated it the other way.But My when i open the My Computer, there is no partition as such although in Control panel it is being displayed as 50 GB free and upon right clicking I have an option to delete that 50 GB disk but i am not sure if upon deleting it whether i loose this space.Also my HD was 320 GB which now shows to be only 232 GB ( C DRIVE).Where have i lost this good amount of space?I have tried fragmenting but it executes in cycle reading % consolidation.Once it reaches 100 % it starts again from 1%.Thrice it happened and then i stopped the operation and did the restoration but i don’t see any change.

SSD Drives Question

I just installed a new Intel X-25 160GB SSD drive in my laptop, replacing my Vista WD Hard Drive, then installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it.

Everything went well, it seems pretty fast and all, however, I noticed that Windows still had the defrag scheduled, which I cancelled.

I was under the impression that Windows 7 was "SSD Aware" and would do things differently in the background when an SSD drive was installed. Is there something I have to do to tell the O/S that I’m using an SSD?

Partitions And Drives

Dont ask me why I want to know, I am not really sure.

A single physical hd can be split into multiple partitions and so multiple drives if you wish.

Q. Can you partition(?) 2 physical hd`s into 1 virtual drive ?

Just curious is all.

Ejecting CD Drives

I’m trying to get rid of all of the CD drives that are showing up under "devices with removable storage." The go from CD Drive ( F: ) all the way to ( X: ). is there a way to get rid of these?

Set Up A Raid0 With 2 X 1 TB Drives?

Looking to set up a Raid0 with 2 x 1 TB drives. Only problem is the drives are from 2 different companies. 1 is a HITACHI Deskstar 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0gb/s, the other is SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s. Am i able still able to combine these 2 drives to make Raid0 array?

Red X On Network Drives?

I have 2 windows 7 computers in my network and I have a Dlink DNS-323 mass storage devide. my wifes computer has no problem accessing the external hard drive. On my computer I have the red X on both drives in the DNS-323. If i try to access this drive from an application such as Itunes, it tells that the path is invalid or something close to that. I then have to go to Windows Explorer and double click on both drives.

Do SSD Drives Become Fragmented

I have noticed a large growth in the use of SSD drives instead of Hard Disk Drives due to the boost of speed and now wounder: Do SSD Drives become fragmented like Hard Disk Drives?

CD Drives Not Functioning

I installed Win 7 Home Premium and I am having trouble spinning up my CD Drives (both of them). They were working under Win XP.If I attempt to install a game, the CD does not spin up.

Splitting A 2tb HDD Into 3 Drives?

i have a 2tb hdd..installed windows 7 now i want to split my hdd into 3 mayb 150gb for system (C1000 for work rest for random stuff. (gaming, etc etc)but when i go into mang. i can only split it to 900gb. so now i have a 1000 sys n 900 on another. C. D drive. i dont need a 1000 sys. so what can i do?

No Drives Were Found

I’m trying to install windows 7 32bit from a "family pack" upgrade disk (home premium) that I bought like a few hours ago. The disk definitely isn’t scratched or dirty.I have a similar problem, that is, when I get to the part where I am supposed to find the drive to install it on (in this case my /C drive) it shows nothing (the list of drives is empty).I bought this computer used and it has a non genuine version of windows 7 (32bit professional)(so I know the computer is able to run windows 7) but I have been having some troubles with that (randomly restarting) so I decided to install a genuine copy of windows 7.

Installing Win 7 On SAS Drives

So when I got my P6TDeluxe and two 75gb SAS drives a year ago I was planning on installing Vista x64 onto the SAS drives and call all my data from my terabyte drive. Brilliant, I thought, until vista was unable to install on the drives (let alone detect them during installation).

My question for you is this:

Will Windows 7 recognize the SAS drives as raw partitions that can be used as an install point

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Нужен хороший совет, как произвести восстановление загрузчика Windows 7 , если восстановление запуска с помощью установочного диска семёрки не помогло. Вкратце объясню в чём дело: на компьютере сначала была установлена Windows 7, затем второй системой понадобилась Windows XP, после установки естественно запускалась она одна, для загрузки двух операционных систем использовал программу EasyBCD. В дальнейшем XP стала не нужна и раздел на котором она находилась я форматировал из Windows 7. Сейчас при загрузке кроме чёрного экрана ничего. Что можно предпринять в таком случае? Поподробнее если можно. Сергей.

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Восстановление загрузчика Windows 7

Привет друзья! Самое главное не волнуйтесь, проблема у вас несложная и в принципе простое средство "Восстановление запуска Windows 7" описанное в нашей статье должно помочь, но! Если данная статья вам не поможет, то должны помочь две другие:

в этих статьях описаны ещё несколько хороших способов восстановить загрузку вашей операционной системы, кроме них есть ещё одна Как восстановить систему Windows 7, так что пробуйте и просто так не сдавайтесь.

Напомню вам, что нельзя устанавливать старшую операционную систему после младшей, Windows 7 ни в коем случае не будет загружаться после установки на компьютер Windows XP, так как последняя при установке переписывает главную загрузочную запись (MBR) на себя. Поэтому вы установили дополнительный менеджер загрузки EasyBCD, который используется для настройки загрузки нескольких операционных систем и имеет в свою очередь свой загрузчик.

  1. Ещё хочу сказать, что часто в неудачной загрузке Windows 7 виноваты ошибки файловой системы, исправить их можно даже в том случае когда операционная система не загружается, все подробности в другой нашей статье " Программа Chkdsk "
  2. Друзья, в этой статье мы будем работать со средой восстановления Windows 7, а если точнее с командной строкой среды восстановления. Необходимые команды я Вам дам, но если Вам их будет трудно запомнить, можно создать шпаргалку — текстовый файл со списком необходимых реанимационных команд и открыть его прямо в среде восстановления. Это сильно облегчит Вам работу.
  • Главная загрузочная запись (MBR) — это первый сектор на жёстком диске, в котором находится таблица разделов и маленькая программа загрузчик, которая считывает в данной таблице данные с какого раздела жёсткого диска производить загрузку ОС, в дальнейшем информация передаётся в раздел с установленной операционной системой, для её загрузки. Если в главной загрузочной записи находится неправильная информация о расположении системы, значит мы при загрузке получим разные ошибки, вот одна из них "BOOTMGR is missing press CTR-Alt-Del for restart" или будем наблюдать чёрный экран. Исправляется проблема восстановлением загрузчика Windows 7.

Когда вы удалили старушку XP вместе с EasyBCD, то оставили свой компьютер на произвол судьбы с непонятной ему загрузочной записью и он в знак благодарности выдаёт вам чёрный экран. Для исправления ситуации, мы с вами проведём восстановление загру зчика Windows 7 , а именно перезапишем главную загрузочную запись с помощью утилиты Bootrec.exe , находящейся на диске восстановления или на установочном диске Windows 7 (друзья, если у вас нетбук и вы хотите использовать среду восстановления находящуюся на флешке, то прочтите сначала комментарии). Так же данной утилитой мы запишем новый загрузочный сектор, понятный Windows 7.

Восстановление загрузчика Windows 7 автоматически

далее Восстановление системы.

Происходит недолгий поиск установленных систем Windows и анализ проблем мешающих их загрузке

Обычно проблемы быстро бывают найдены и среда восстановления предлагает устранить их автоматически. Нажмите на кнопку "Исправить и перезапустить", после этого компьютер перезагрузится и загрузка Windows 7 будет восстановлена.

Если проблемы с загрузкой системы продолжатся или вам не будет предложено исправить проблемы автоматически, значит в этом окне нужно выбрать операционную систему, которую нужно восстановить, она у вас скорее всего одна и Далее.

Восстановление загрузчика Windows 7 вручную

Если и это средство не поможет, выбираем средство Командная строка

lis vol (выводим список разделов жёсткого диска и видим, что «Том 1» является скрытым разделом System Reserved (Зарезервировано системой), объём 100 Мб, на нём должны располагаться файлы загрузки Windows 7 и именно его нужно сделать активным). Также видим раздел с установленной Windows 7, у него буква D:, объём 60 Гб.

sel vol 1 (выбираем Том 1)

activ (делаем его активным)

exit (выходим из diskpart)

bcdboot D:Windows (где D: раздел с установленной Windows 7), данная команда восстанавливает файлы загрузки Windows 7 (файл bootmgr и файлы конфигурации хранилища загрузки (BCD))!

«Файлы загрузки успешно созданы»

Восстановление загрузчика Windows 7 вручную (способ №2)

В окне командной строки вводим команду Bootrec и Enter

выходит полная информация о возможностях утилиты. Выбираем запись основной загрузочной записи Bootrec.exe /FixMbr .

Операция успешно завершена. В первый сектор загрузочного раздела записана новая загрузочная запись.
Вторая команда Bootrec.exe /FixBoot записывает новый загрузочный сектор.

Операция успешно завершена. Exit. Далее пробуем загрузить нашу Windows 7.

Кроме вышеприведённого способа, есть ещё один, вводим в командной строке bootsect /NT60 SYS, основной загрузочный код, так же будет обновлен.

Как ещё можно восстановить загрузчик Windows 7

Том "Зарезервировано системой" будет отмечен как активный. Нажимаем ОК.

То же самое делаем с Диском 2. Программа Acronis Disk Director работает в режиме отложенной операции, чтобы изменения вступили в силу нажимаем кнопку "Применить ожидающие операции"

Выходим из программы и перезагружаемся. Результат работы положительный — поочерёдно загружаются обе операционные системы.

1С, обмен данными, web-services, RLS, Регистры накопления, СКД и полезности


28 дек. 2014 г.

No xeldz

У меня была проблема, слетел активатор и я его удалил, после возникла такая как описана в заголовке ошибка и комп не грузил винду.

В общем, проблема решается так:

Берем дистрибутив с виндой на диске или флешки грузимся с него.
Там выбираем восстановление системы или что то похожее на это, после выбора комп прогружает файлы в память, дальше идет выбор клавиатуры и т.п. потом ищет ОС, которые стоят на вашем компе, и предлагает их список на выбор если их больше 1. Выбираем жмем далее.
После этого появляется список восстановления, там выбираем командную строку и в ней прописываем:

Где е:windows путь к вашей ОС. в общем указываете свой путь и в принципе все. пишет exit, затем выбираем перезагрузку и грузимся с нашего жесткого. Перед загрузкой он выдаст на выбор:
Windows 7
Windows 7 Loader XE
выбираете первое грузится Windows и проделываем заново процедуру активации через кряк перезагружаемся и получаем рабочую винду.
Еще можно почистить список загрузки чтобы сразу грузилась винда если она у вас одна на компе.
Открываем командную строку:пуск->выполнить-> cmd. Далее прописываем:
смотрим в конце записи:

идентификатор для description- Windows Loader XE.

bcdedit /delete
ID — длинный код, который указан в идентификаторе к Windows Loader XE. Вот и все кто знает не такой гемморойный способ удаление записи из списка загрузки прошу напишите.

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