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Fire emblem three houses

Автор: | 16.12.2019

Станьте героем, который так нужен этому миру.

Местом действия игры Fire Emblem: Three Houses станет континент Фолдан, где церковь Сейроса имеет огромное влияние. Игроку предстоит не только сражаться; в некоторых локациях он сможет свободно перемещаться и взаимодействовать с другими персонажами, чтобы выстраивать отношения и собирать информацию.

Особенности игры:

Традиционная пошаговая тактическая ролевая игра с новым взглядом на сражения. Теперь, когда игрок управляет юнитом, отряды перемещаются одновременно с ним и оказывают ему поддержку в бою.

В некоторых локациях игрок может свободно перемещаться и взаимодействовать с другими персонажами.

Действие игры происходит в новом мире под названием Фолдан. Здесь всем заправляет церковь Сейроса.

Ваш герой познакомится с тремя главными персонажами — Эдельгардом, Дмитрием и Клодом — которые сыграют ключевую роль в этой истории.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Name (JP)







Platforms & Release dates

Predecessor Successor
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia N/A

Development Edit

On January 18, 2017, the then-unnamed sixteenth Fire Emblem game was announced briefly in a special Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct without any footage, and with an estimated release in 2018. On June 12, 2018, the first gameplay trailer debuted during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct video presentation, and the game’s title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses was revealed. The estimated release date was also updated to Spring 2019.

The E3 trailer revealed that the game will feature some manner of free-roaming exploration outside of combat, expanding on the My Castle portions of Fire Emblem Fates and the dungeons of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Cutscenes in the game are depicted in outlined CG animation, also much like Shadows of Valentia, giving off an illusion of hand-drawn 2D animation. The tactical gameplay, however, is depicted entirely with polygonal models, as in previous titles like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

During a Nintendo Direct on February 13, 2019. new information on Three Houses was released. The trailer stated that the central character Byleth will act as a teacher to one of the three houses of the Officers Academy. The plot will in part focus on Byleth’s connection to a mysterious figure known as Sothis. The game introduces many new gameplay mechanics and features, as listed below. During the Nintendo Direct, it was also announced that the date for Three Houses was pushed to July 26, 2019. On July 17, 2019, Patrick Seitz announced he served as voice director of the English dub cast. Joe Zeija stated that principal voice recording for the English dub began as far back as Fall 2018 and was finished around January 2019.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was developed with assistance from Koei Tecmo. The company had previously partnered with Intelligent Systems on Fire Emblem Warriors. Intelligent Systems staff focused on characters and story, while Koei Tecmo’s Kou Shibusawa studio, the team behind the company’s historical strategy games, performed the bulk of the development effort, with hands in programming, game design, and writing. The character designer for Three Houses is illustrator Chinatsu Kurahana. Sanzigen was in charge of animating the 3D cutscenes.

According to game director Toshiyuki Kusakihara, the premise was partially inspired by the friendship of Sigurd, Quan, and Eldigan from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Their story of attending the Belhalla Royal Academy in their youth, only to have their friendship tested by war in adulthood was influential to Three Houses.

Gameplay Edit

Three Houses introduced many new gameplay mechanics and made changes to many established series elements. The game itself is not focused solely on a succession of battles interspersed with menus or a world map, but also introduces a school setting which divides the gameplay into two distinct phases.

School Phase Edit

The player will spend time with a portion of the playable cast as a professor, instructing them in the art of war and improving their combat capabilities. This allows the player to shape the playable cast in a manner of their own choosing through Tutoring, leading them down different weapon/unit type proficiencies and ultimately, different class paths when they take Certification Exams.

Players can freely roam Garreg Mach Monastery to interact with the cast of characters, as well as perform tasks and do various side activities to improve stats, form supports, and improve performance in combat. Though a player starts with the eight students from the house they choose to teach, they are able to recruit most students from other houses as well if they reach certain weapon rank, unit type, and/or stat levels. Other non-student characters may also be recruited by the player based on story progress and the player-character Byleth’s level.

Combat Phase Edit

Classic map battles featured in all past Fire Emblem games make a return but with many new revamped combat features, mainly involving the usage of Battalions as an additional battle tactic to boost allies or weaken enemies. Unlike previous games, each class is generally free to use any weapon they see fit. For example, Archers are allowed to use Swords and Axes. Weapon proficiency not only provides bonuses to characters when using weapons they have more experience with but also improves the odds of passing Certification Exams for classes proficient in a given weapon type.

The Magic system in Three Houses shares some functional similarities with Fire Emblem: Gaiden and its remake Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. As characters level up their Reason and Faith skills, they learn magic spells, which they are free to use so long as they are a class capable of doing so. Each individual spell has a set number of usages per battle, and does not require equipping a Tome or expending HP to cast, as in past games. All playable characters are capable of learning magic, but the lists of spells they are capable of learning varies between them.

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Setting Edit

The game takes place on the continent of Fódlan. The landmass is divided into three rival nations who are now at peace: the Adrestian Empire to the southwest, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus to the north, and the Leicester Alliance to the east. At the center of the continent is the Garreg Mach Monastery, a neutral territory home to both the Church of Seiros and the Officers Academy. The game’s "Three Houses" refer to the three boarding houses of the academy, the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and the Golden Deer, each populated with students from the three main nations.

In ancient times, a war raged between the Church’s titular founder Seiros and the "Liberation King" Nemesis, an era which also saw the establishment of the Empire. In the thousand years since then, the Kingdom split away from the Empire, then the Alliance declared its independence from both powers. A prolonged conflict ensued, with the Church being responsible for maintaining peace. Key to the nations of Fódlan are Crests, magical sigils passed down through families that play key roles in the continent’s history and politics.

The game is set during two time periods. The first begins in Imperial Year 1180, during the characters’ time as students at the Officers Academy. The story then jumps five years later to the time of a promised reunion between students, only for the three nations to now be seemingly at war with each other.

Plot Edit

Part I: White Clouds Edit

The game begins with the protagonist, Byleth, dreaming of a great war between the divine Seiros and Nemesis, with the former emerging victorious. Byleth then sees a girl on a throne, who immediately asks who they are, but Byleth is then woken up by their father and leader of a mercenary company, Jeralt. The two begin preparing to head north but are greeted by three students of the Officers Academy; Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude, who need their help dealing with bandits. Jeralt and Byelth agree and aid the students, but when Byleth takes a fatal wound protecting Edelgard, time stops and Byleth sees the same girl from their dreams. She introduces herself as Sothis and teaches Byleth how to rewind time and rethink an action. Now knowing what will happen, Byleth rewinds time and instead parries the bandit, saving Edelgard and themselves. Not knowing what happened, Jeralt and the students are impressed by Byleth’s skills and as the bandits flee the Knights of Seiros come to save the students.

The knights immediately recognize that Jeralt is the famous Blade Breaker and former captain of the Knight of Seiros and insists that he and Byleth return to Garreg Mach Monastery with them and the students. Though relucent, Jeralt agrees and the two return to the monastery, where the head of Garreg Mach and archbishop of the Church of Seiros, Lady Rhea, asks Jeralt to rejoin the Knights of Seiros. Much to everyone’s surprise, she also offers Byleth to teach the students of the Officer’s Academy as a professor. They both agree to the offers, but Jeralt privately warns Byleth not to trust Rhea. Byleth is then given the choice of leading one of the academy’s three houses: the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and the Golden Deer, each populated by students from the Empire, Kingdom, and Alliance respectively. Byleth assumes their duties as the teacher for their chosen house, training their students and leading them in mock and real battles on behalf of the Knights of Seiros. Soon, it is discovered there is a conspiracy against the Church when Byleth thwarts an attempt to steal the Church’s most valuable Heroes’ Relic, the Sword of the Creator. Mysteriously, the Sword awakens when Byleth holds it, and Rhea allows them to keep it.

Byleth and their class are then sent to recover a stolen Heroes’ Relic from a bandit clan, but the Relic turns their leader, named Miklan, into a monster, leading Byleth and their students to wonder about the true nature of Relics and Crests.

Later, a chapel at the monastery is attacked by demonic beasts, and Jeralt is murdered by a student in the confusion; the student is an agent of "Those Who Slither in the Dark", a cult that opposes the Church. Reading Jeralt’s diary, Byleth discovers that Jeralt fled from the Church due to Rhea’s plans for Byleth when Byleth was born. Byleth pursues the cultists responsible for Jeralt’s death, but is led into a trap and sent to a plane of darkness by their leader, Solon. Sothis then explains that she now remembers she is the Progenitor God, implanted into Byleth in hopes she would be reborn. Sothis merges herself fully into Byleth, granting Byleth the power to escape the plane of darkness, though she sacrifices her individuality in the process. Byleth returns and defeats Solon with a newly empowered Sword of the Creator.

Upon returning to the monastery, Rhea leads Byleth to the Holy Tomb, where she attempts to awaken Sothis. Edelgard, revealed to have been the mysterious Flame Emperor the whole time, then attacks the Holy Tomb with her army, accusing the Church of being corrupt and secretly ruling Fódlan from the shadows, and it is revealed Rhea is a dragon in disguise; some routes further reveal her to be Seiros, with her attempts at resurrecting Sothis indirectly birthing Byleth. Depending on Byleth’s choices and the house they lead, they may either side with any of the three houses or the Church. If Byleth sides with Edelgard, they help her lead an assault on Garreg Mach. If they side with Rhea, Dimitri, or Claude, then they help in the defense of the monastery. Regardless of the side, Byleth is on, they are knocked unconscious at the end of the battle and wake up five years later, discovering that Fódlan has been plunged into a vicious war as the Empire, Kingdom, Alliance, and Church battle each other. The routes then diverge.

Part II Edit

Silver Snow Edit

Byleth reunites with their students and learns that Rhea has gone missing and the Church has lost much of its strength. Byleth agrees to help stop the war and save Fódlan. First, they retake Garreg Mach and use it as a base to launch attacks against the Empire. The Church receives assistance from Claude and learns that Rhea has been captured by the Empire. Dimitri takes the opportunity to attack the Empire as well. As the Church builds up its forces, the Empire, Kingdom, and Alliance engage in a three way battle, with all sides suffering heavy casualties. Dimitri is apparently killed and Claude goes missing. Byleth and their students attempt to capitalize on the moment to seize a strategic fort, but it is destroyed by a rain of missiles, forcing them to withdraw. Byleth changes tactics, and instead infiltrates troops into the Empire capital. Byleth defeats and executes Edelgard, and rescues Rhea. They then learn of the threat from "those who slither in the dark".

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Byleth and their forces head to the main base of "those that slither in the dark", where they learn that they are the remnants of the nation of Agartha, a technologically advanced civilization that was wiped out by Seiros’ kindred in ancient times. Defeated, the Agarthan leader Thales calls down numerous javelins of light to destroy his own base. Rhea turns into her dragon form to protect Byleth and the others but is gravely wounded. After conquering Shambhala, Rhea reveals that Byleth’s mother was her twelfth failed attempt to create a vessel capable of housing Sothis’ consciousness; she conceived Byleth with Jeralt, but was forced to order Rhea to transfer the Crest Stone in her heart into Byleth to save them after they were stillborn. Rhea is suddenly driven mad by the power she used saving Byleth at Shambhala, and Byleth is forced to defeat her in a final battle. In the aftermath, the Empire, Kingdom, and Alliance are dissolved and Fódlan is unified under the Church with Byleth as its new ruler.

Crimson Flower Edit

Byleth reunites with their students and Edelgard, and finds out that the Kingdom has allied with the Church while the Alliance remains nominally neutral. Edelgard plans to eliminate the Alliance before moving on to the Kingdom. Byleth is able to quickly seize the Alliance capital and eliminate Claude from the war, either through killing or exiling him. They then advance into the Kingdom, taking a vital fortress. However, Edelgard’s uncle Arundel, an ally of "those who slither in the dark", arranges for the fortress to be destroyed as revenge for Edelgard interrupting his own plans. Edelgard keeps Arundel’s treachery a secret and tells the others that the fortress was destroyed by Church weaponry. Undeterred, Edelgard continues to lead her armies to the Kingdom’s capital. Dimitri meets Edelgard in battle, but is defeated and killed. The Kingdom army is routed and Rhea withdraws to the Kingdom capital with her Knights. In her increasing madness, Rhea sets fire to the city, forcing Edelgard to attack to put a stop to her. Working together, Byleth and Edelgard are able to kill Rhea. Byleth nearly dies, but Sothis’s Crest Stone embedded in their heart dissolves, reviving them. In the aftermath, Edelgard unites all of Fódlan under the Empire and abolishes both the Church and the nobility. She then turns her attention to "those who slither in the dark".

Azure Moon Edit

Byleth reunites with Dimitri, who has been ousted from the Kingdom due to a coup from pro-Empire nobles. In the time since, Dimitri has become bitter, disillusioned, and dangerously unstable as he is haunted by visions of his deceased family and driven to get revenge on Edelgard at any cost. Byleth’s students and the remnants of the Church ally with Dimitri and they decide to use Garreg Mach as their base to attack the Empire. Dimitri eventually forces a massive battle between his own army, the Empire, and the Alliance, resulting in heavy losses on all sides. One of Dimitri’s trusted vassals sacrifices himself to protect him from an assassin, which in combination with Byleth’s guidance causes Dimitri to abandon his desire for revenge.

Having his purpose renewed and guided back on the path of light, he focuses on saving Fódlan and liberates the Kingdom from imperial rule, assuming his rightful place as king. With his own lands secure, Dimitri rescues Claude from imperial forces. Claude dissolves the Alliance and cedes its lands to Dimitri before departing Fódlan. Dimitri then marches for the Empire capital itself. Wanting to make peace with Edelgard, Dimitri arranges a meeting with her and suggest they join forces to realize their goals. Edelgard refuses, however, forcing his invasion into Adrestia. Dimitri is able to defeat Edelgard and once again offers her mercy, but is forced to kill her when she attempts to attack him. In the aftermath, Fódlan is united under the Kingdom with Dimitri as its ruler, while Byleth becomes the new archbishop of the Church when Rhea voluntarily steps down.

Verdant Wind Edit

Byleth reunites with Claude, who has been waiting for their return. They then occupy Garreg Mach and rally their students and the remnants of the Church to stand against the Empire. Gathering additional allies and support, Byleth and Claude directly invade the Empire. However, as they confront Edelgard and her forces, a Kingdom army led by Dimitri also arrives, resulting in a massive battle. Edelgard is forced to retreat while Dimitri is killed attempting to pursue her. Byleth and Claude press on towards a strategic Empire fort, and receive aid from the foreign nation of Almyra. However, the fort is destroyed by a rain of javelins of light before they can seize it and the Almyrans decide to withdraw. Claude admits that he had secretly opened relations with Almyra, and announces his desire to open Fódlan’s borders to the outside world and end the continent’s isolationism. Byleth and Claude continue their advance, attacking the Empire capital. Edelgard is defeated and killed, but Byleth and Claude learn that "those who slither in the dark" have been manipulating both the current war as well as the war 1000 years ago. Rhea confirms the existence of the group, and Byleth and Claude set out to stop them. Claude’s army defeats the cult in their secret underground city and their leader Thales attempts to destroy them with another series of javelins of light, but Rhea intercepts the javelins in her dragon form and is gravely wounded in the process. Meanwhile, Nemesis is awakened from his tomb by the cult; he and his 10 Elites had merely been a band of thieves who took power from Sothis and her kin after they were slain by the cult in the ancient era. This power was the source of the nobility’s crests. Nemesis is resurrected by the cult as a final attempt to destroy Fódlan, but Byleth and Claude destroy Nemesis and his undead army. In the aftermath, Fódlan is united under the rule of Byleth and Claude as they open its borders and start relations with foreign nations.

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Три королевства, три дома, ваша история

Решите будущее континента, находящегося на грани войны, в Fire Emblem: Three Houses для Nintendo Switch. Участвуйте вместе с учащимися трех престижных факультетов в жизни университета и в тактических пошаговых боях, которые постоянно подкидывают новые испытания.

Война все ближе

Три правящие нации разделили между собой континент под названием Фодлан, в центре которого находится монастырь Каррег Мах. В нем устроена Академия офицеров, где учатся будущие правители Фодлана. Вам, бродячему наемнику, ставшему преподавателем, предстоит выбрать, какой из трех факультетов Академии поддержать и в учебе, и на поле боя.

От вашего решения зависит будущее Фодлана.

С поля боя.

Во время обучения вам и вашим ученикам придется участвовать в стратегических пошаговых боях по всему Фодлану. Сначала их будет немного, но в какой-то момент ваши персонажи поведут за собой целые армии. Выживут ваши ученики в этих боях или погибнут, зависит только от вас, поэтому используйте все свои стратегические навыки, чтобы привести своих подопечных к победе.

. в Академию

Раскройте весь потенциал своих учеников и помогите им развить их таланты в Академии офицеров. Между занятиями вы можете свободно бродить по территории монастыря Каррег Мах. Выполняйте задания и общайтесь с учениками, чтобы узнать их получше и выяснить что-нибудь полезное.

Данный контент продается компанией Nintendo of Europe GmbH. Оплата будет произведена средствами Nintendo eShop, используемыми с учетной записью Nintendo, которая использовалась для совершения покупки.

Данный контент продается компанией Nintendo of Europe GmbH. Оплата производится средствами Nintendo eShop, используемыми с учетной записью Nintendo. При покупке данного контента действует Соглашение об учетной записи Nintendo.

Данный контент могут приобрести пользователи, которые зарегистрировали учетную запись Nintendo, а также приняли соответствующие юридические соглашения. Для покупки контента для Wii U или систем линейки Nintendo 3DS также требуется код Nintendo Network. Кроме того, ваши средства, используемые с учетной записью Nintendo, должны быть объединены со средствами, привязанными к коду Nintendo Network. Если средства еще не объединены, вы сможете сделать это во время процесса покупки. Перед началом покупки необходимо войти на веб-сайт с помощью учетной записи Nintendo и кода Nintendo Network. После этого можно просматривать информацию об играх и совершать покупки.

Для покупки контента для Wii U или систем линейки Nintendo 3DS ваши средства, используемые с учетной записью Nintendo, должны быть объединены со средствами, привязанными к коду Nintendo Network. Если средства еще не объединены, вы сможете сделать это во время процесса покупки. Вы сможете просмотреть подробности и завершить покупку на следующем экране.

Данное предложение действует для пользователей, которые вошли на веб-сайт с помощью учетной записи Nintendo, настройки страны которой совпадают с настройками страны этого веб-сайта. Если настройки страны вашей учетной записи Nintendo отличаются, данное предложение может быть изменено (например, цена будет отображаться в соответствующей местной валюте).

После завершения покупки контент автоматически загрузится на соответствующую систему, связанную с определенной учетной записью Nintendo или с определенным кодом Nintendo Network в случае с Wii U и системами линейки Nintendo 3DS. На системе должно быть установлено последнее системное обновление и активирована функция автоматической загрузки. Система должна быть подключена к Интернету, и на ней должно быть достаточно свободного места. В зависимости от модели вашей игровой системы или консоли и степени ее использования может потребоваться дополнительное запоминающее устройство, чтобы загрузить программу из Nintendo eShop. Подробную информацию см. в разделе «Поддержка».

Пожалуйста, убедитесь, что на вашей системе достаточно свободного места, чтобы завершить загрузку.

После завершения покупки контент автоматически загрузится на соответствующую систему, связанную с вашей учетной записью Nintendo или с вашим кодом Nintendo Network в случае с Wii U и системами линейки Nintendo 3DS. На системе должно быть установлено последнее системное обновление и активирована функция автоматической загрузки. Система должна быть подключена к Интернету, и на ней должно быть достаточно свободного места. В зависимости от модели вашей игровой системы или консоли и степени ее использования может потребоваться дополнительное запоминающее устройство, чтобы загрузить программу из Nintendo eShop. Подробную информацию см. в разделе «Поддержка».

Пожалуйста, убедитесь, что на вашей системе достаточно свободного места, чтобы завершить загрузку.

Конкретная цена отображается в зависимости от страны, указанной в настройках вашей учетной записи Nintendo.

При покупке данного контента действует Соглашение об учетной записи Nintendo.

Использование неразрешенных устройств или программ, позволяющих выполнить техническую модификацию консоли Nintendo или программы, может привести к невозможности играть в эту игру.

Данный товар содержит в себе средства технической защиты.

В контент невозможно играть до даты выпуска: <> . Оплата производится сразу после покупки.

Чтобы иметь возможность приобретать загружаемые игры или загружать демоверсии и бесплатные программы из Nintendo eShop на официальном веб-сайте, вам потребуется учетная запись Nintendo, связанная с консолью Nintendo Switch. Чтобы зарегистрировать свою консоль в качестве активной консоли для загрузок в учетной записи Nintendo, необходимо хотя бы один раз посетить Nintendo eShop с того устройства, на которое будут загружаться данные. Для автоматической загрузки на вашей системе должно быть установлено последнее системное обновление и активирована функция автоматической загрузки. Система должна быть подключена к Интернету, и на ней должно быть достаточно свободного места. Подробности можно узнать в разделе «Поддержка». Сделанные покупки и загруженные демоверсии с веб-сайта Nintendo обрабатываются через Nintendo eShop.

Для игры онлайн требуется подключение к Интернету. Для пользования онлайн-сервисами необходимо создать учетную запись Nintendo и принять соответствующее соглашение. Действует политика конфиденциальности учетной записи Nintendo. Некоторые онлайн-сервисы могут быть доступны не во всех странах. Для игры онлайн требуется платная подписка. Подробнее о платной подписке на онлайн-сервисы.

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